Hematite is widespread and occurs in association with all other
minerals. It occurs mainly as small black sub-metallic platy crystals or
crystal aggregates that are usually paper-thin. At a few localities in the
Thomas Range, larger crystals of hematite, some exceeding 1.5” (3.5
cm) in diameter, have been found. It is not uncommon to find clusters
of 0.75 inch or larger crystals in combination with the rare minerals
cassiterite (Sn O2) or durangite (Na Al (As O4)F) at these locations. In
The Cove, it is not uncommon to find topaz crystals that are heavily
included with crystals of hematite making the topaz seem almost black.
Hematite is a good indicator mineral; where ever you find crystals of
hematite in open fractures or cavities there is likely to be topaz nearby.