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Bixbyite & Gem Pink Topaz – Location: Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah.


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Bixbyite & Gem Pink Topaz with Fluorite – Location: Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah. (see photo for more details). This specimen from the Solar Wind claim. Here we have an interesting combination. We have a very large bixbyite crystal with some gemmy ‘pink’ topaz crystals perched on the bixbyite. The topaz crystals are well-formed, sharp and gemmy with an amber color. The bixbyite crystal is modified and has a brilliant black metallic luster. Note! The topaz crystals from this location are unusual in that they are “not” light sensitive. The topaz crystals start out the same as the other topaz from the Thomas Range, as sherry colored crystals. After direct exposure to the sun for a week or so the sherry color fades away revealing the “true” pale rose pink color of the crystals. The color is there from the start, it is just “masked” by the radiation induced sherry color. Trace amounts of manganese (Mn) are responsible for the pink color. The pink color is completely stable! The topaz crystals pictured here have not yet undergone the “color change” to pink and as such shows the “usual” amber color that the topaz have when they are found in previously unexposed cavities.