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BOOK_SPECIMEN-Bixbyite (Large Crystal) (0.80 in) – Location: Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah.


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Bixbyite (Large Crystal) (0.80 in) – Location: Thomas Range¸ Juab Co.¸ Utah. Thumbnail (see photo for more details). Here we have a very large bixbyite crystal (for the Thomas Range) (0.80 inches) from the Solar Wind claim which we (topazminer) own in the Thomas Range in Juab Co.¸ Utah. Please note that this specimen is from a mining project done in May of 2020. Here we have a large well-formed and sharp modified bixbyite crystal; bixbyite is an (Fe¸ Mn) Oxide. The bixbyite crystal is a black color and has a brilliant black metallic luster.