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BOOK_SPECIMEN-Very Rare Magnetite Crystal Cluster With Specular Hematite Coating – Location: Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah.


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Very Rare Magnetite Crystal Cluster With Specular Hematite Coating – Miniature (see photo for more details). This specimen was collected in 1985 from the Thomas Range durangite locality and is from the John Holfert private collection. In 1985 we found an isolated pocket of octahedral magnetite crystals most of which had a coating of specular hematite crystals. This was a ‘one of a kind’ pocket and to date it is the only one found at this location. This piece is the best of only 5 specimens to come from this find. What makes this even more interesting is that the crystals have not been pseudomorphed (replaced) by hematite which is the normal process in an oxidizing environment. In rhyolite, magnetite is normally replaced by hematite forming martite. The magnetite crystals are sharply formed and have a black color. The crystals have a coating of black colored specular hematite crystals.